The Night Tripper gets into a ghoulish groove with his band in a candlelit, incense filled studio in London.

Dark and evil epic about the worst prison in America (from Dr. John and his crew.)

‎(Belated) Happy Birthday Dr. John. (Nov. 21).
“If you dig jive, pure jive; if you dig dreaming, if you ever order barbecue at 4 AM; if you get stoned to watch TV commercials while eating Colonel Sanders fried chicken and drinking warm Ripple — then you are weird enough for Dr. John. And he is, sure as sin and rain, weird enough for you.”
Below is my favorite song from the Night Tripper, the swirling center of his voodoo masterpiece Gris-Gris (magically recorded in the middle of the night Halloween 1967 at the famous Gold Star Studios in L.A.)

Greatest Antiwar Statement Ever?

Russian films of the 1960s/1970s (whether masterpieces from the visionaries Paradjanov and Tarkovsky or animated features such as this hidden gem) are stunningly unparalleled in their delicate beauty and haunting depth.

Shine A Light

“When I’m tired and all alone/Lord, shine a light on me/When I’m lonesome as can be/Lord, shine a light on me.”